Buy Trade Kitchens Online

If you’re looking to buy trade kitchens online, hassle free and at excellent prices then we’re pleased to say that you’ve come to the right place. Omega Trade have been supplying only the highest quality kitchens to trade for a number of years. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed with the service you receive from us.

We would also like to point out to anyone that hasn’t taken advantage of our special offers that, our best ever promotion will be ending soon – 7th December 2012 which includes the following –

  • 50% discount on Shaker Walnut, Walnut Gullwing, Stratford Oak, plus many more!
  • 30% discount on Contemporary Natural Oak, Contemporary Driftwood, Charterhouse, plus much more!
  • 20% discount on Havard, Buttermilk Prelude, Logica Gloss Stone, plus many more!
  • 10% discount on Shaker Ivory, Dales Oak, Shaker Lissa Oak, plus many more.

As you’ll be able to see through our website within the ‘special offers’ page, a number of ranges are available at fantastic discounts for this short period, so don’t miss out!

Please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0800 046 3536 if you have any further enquiries on our range of kitchens available and we look forward to hearing from you.

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